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Crypto Currency Conference Colorado
September 26-28, 2018

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Event Dates

September 26-28, 2018


Ameristar Resort,
Casino & Spa

111 Richman Street

Black Hawk, CO 80422

September 26-28

Sponsored by Uppermost Company at the beautiful Ameristar Resort, Casino & Spa - Black Hawk, Colorado

111 Richman Street

Black Hawk, CO 80422

Our MISSION is to bridge the gap between blockchain technology & traditional business.

Who should attend?

  • Crypto Entrepreneurs
  • Venture Capitalists
  • Traditional Investors
  • Traditional Entrepreneurs
  • Financial Market Regulators
  • Blockchain Developers
  • Cryptocurrency Investors
  • Blockchain Startups
  • Marketing Agencies
  • Family Offices
  • Fund Managers
  • Initial Coin Offerings (ICO’s with real business models & ideas)

Why CX4?

If you are a developer, investor, trader, miner, or any business interested in what blockchain can do for your business, this is the conference for you.  With 3 days of important content, you will leave with real resources and solutions.

Our goal is to grow as a responsible community that positively impacts their community & build bridges in this fast-moving new frontier.

At the CX4 Conference we provide the tools and resources for traditional business and blockchain technology integration.

Conference starts in


Keynote and panels include:

  • Accounting for your crypto-currency
  • Securing your technology & intellectual property
  • Currency security
  • Taxes
  • The legal landscape – How to work, invest, and operate legally with blockchain and cryptocurrencies
  • World-wide markets
  • Investment risk mitigation
  • Automated trading platforms and day-trading
  • Market analysis and trend forecasting
  • Community engagement
  • Creating environments of shared resources and teams
  • Best practices for your ICO launch
  • Legal regulations in 2018 and beyond
  • How regulations will impact you
  • How to move your company onto the blockchain and why it matters
  • Currency trading technologies
  • Implementing Wall Street trading strategies
  • Blockchain tech that is truly changing the world for good
  • Maximizing your technology for mining, staking and masternodes
  • Community impact – how the new world of crypto-entrepreneurs are building ways to impact their local communities by dedicating resources to local charities with time, money and building cultures of giving

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This conference brings people from both the traditional business and blockchain/cryptocurrency backgrounds together. We are bridging the knowledge gap through education, networking, and community integration.


Tim Draper

Global VC Billionaire, Founder: Draper Associates, DFJ, Draper Venture Network

 Crypto investor with over 100 ICO & pre-ICO’s invested into as major stake-holder. Original Innovation: Viral Marketing. Venture Successes: Skype, Baidu, Tesla, Overture, Hotmail, Forbes: “100 Most Powerful People in Finance”.

Larry Castro

CEO & Founder of Stealth Grid

Larry Castro is a recognized leader in quantum cyber security with more than 30 years of experience. His expertise includes the multiple sectors of technology, cloud broadcasting, cyber security, blockchain, smart cities, IoT, quantum cryptography, mesh networks, smart contracts, and digital media.

Matthew Walker

President of WENN Digital (KODAKOne)
WENN Digital is the creator of the KODAKOne image rights management platform and KODAKCoin cryptocurrency. The KODAKCoin ICO is at the vanguard of a new class of regulatory compliant initial coin offerings in the United States.

Jen Greyson

CEO, Powered by Neureal
Executive with a long-standing history in intellectual property, currently leading the first AI + Blockchain project set up under Wyoming's new crypto-friendly legislation.

Reginald Ringgold

Founder, BlockVest DEX

One of the world’s innovators shaping the future of Blockchain technology and finance as a banking revolution advocate. Ringgold is an internationally recognized financial industry expert. 

Rafael Arce

Managing Member at ClearPath LLC

Attorney and CPA specializing in assisting companies needing to set up operations in Puerto Rico for the best tax treatment under Act 20 & Act 22.

Tom Merideth

President and CEO of BitMinutes

Tom has a deep FinTech expertise using blockchain and token development. Tom and his team are facilitating Free Money Transfer and global P2P Lending to provide capital & banking to the 20% of the world’s population that currently has no access to banking of lending.

Scott Robinson

Partner/Attorney at Berg Hill Greenleaf Ruscitti LLP

Tax and business lawyer with substantial experience in estate and wealth transfer planning, closely-held business planning and estate administration.

Paddy Atmuri


Seasoned Executive leading the Finance transformation in large and complex organizations including Fortune 500. In his current role as CFO, responsible for evaluating Jurisdictional issues, research and formulate Accounting strategy, digital safekeeping and a business partner to the CTO and CEO, as well as build use cases for BitMinutes. Involved in the panel discussion in on "Token sales - Best practices ..." at Consensus Accounting Blockchain Coalition, NYC 2018

Terry Williams

President / CEO / Social Entrepreneur / Philanthropist

Mr. Williams is a “Creative Social Entrepreneur”  that likes to use innovative ideas, to tackle society’s hardest social sector issues. His Social Sector Focus is: Hunger Relief, Support Living For Disabled Children and Adults, and Early Childhood Education.

Felix Shipkevich

Principal at Shipkevich PLLC

Felix Shipkevich is a business attorney and regulatory counsel. His practice focuses on providingcounsel to FinTech and financial services firms, including financial technology, payments andemerging digital currency space.

Chris de Diego

Managing Partner at Uppermost Company

Uppermost owns and operates multiple crypto & blockchain companies actively involved in investing, trading, staking, master nodes, ICO investing & proprietary trading platform.

New speakers being added weekly!

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